19 Apr 2022

TRBOnet 6.0 Now Available

TRBOnet Enterprise and PLUS 6.0: Highlights

The update brings new features and improvements to TRBOnet dispatch software and PTT mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Full Duplex Calls

Dispatchers can make full duplex calls to TETRA radios, including DIMETRA Express and MTM5400/5500 control stations, as well as PTT mobile app users.

TRBOnet One

We have revamped most visual elements and added a dark theme.

Wave Interoperability

TRBOnet 6.0 is compatible with Wave On Cloud. Voice calls and location tracking are now supported.

PTT Mobile App 2.7

A major update includes support for Bluetooth remote speakers and rugged devices. The new interface simplifies access to all features and modules. Voice recordings can be stored and played on your device.

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